September is Spring cleaning month and therefore our featured drip for this month is the DETOX IV drip.  Start cleansing your body and cells after winter and prep your body for summer.

Why do we need to detox or clean our body and cells?  All the waste your body struggles to eliminate, becomes acidic and toxic.  This slows down your blood and cells, you body slows down and starts breaking down.  So by detoxing you improve the quality of your cells and this in turns improve how your cells receive oxygen, water and nutrients and how you cells eliminate waste.

You will feel more energetic, you’ll notice your health improves and those waste that causes disease, weight gain, cravings, depression, tiredness, and, and will be ELIMINATED!!!

Our DETOX IV drip consists out of Vitamins and minerals to increase health, energy and metabolic rate.  It will increase the breakdown of adipose (fat) tissue and will also increase lean muscle and cellular energy.

Don’t wait until your energy is depleted and you feel so sick and tired you don’t even want to go for a braai or spend time outdoors…  Set aside 40 minutes and come and relax while your body and cells get an awesome Spring clean.

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