Welcome to The Perfect Health Centre

Who are we?

We have a unique weight loss therapy that is individualized; medically based and which has lasting results.

This therapy is formulated and monitored by our trained medical doctor and has had a very successful record of accomplishment in Europe and for the last 10 years in South Africa.  It is only available at The Perfect Health Centre in South Africa.

Why our unique therapy and why a doctor?

Obesity has several causes e.g. eating habits, psychological patterns, stress, etc.  Each type of fat deposit has it’s own localization, evolution, symptoms and is related to a specific metabolic disorder, in which case the storage and utilization of reserves in the fat cells is disturbed.  The evaluation of these specific elements is pre-requisite for success.

The only person capable of determining the real causes of obesity and of finding the appropriate therapy is a MEDICAL DOCTOR.


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